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moors; the sky is blue, and the larks are singing, and the becks
and brooks are all brim full. Catherine, last spring at this time, I
was longing to have you under this roof; now, I wish you were a
mile or two up those hills, the air blows so sweetly, I feel that it
would cure you.”

“I shall never be there but once more,” said the invalid; “and
then you’ll leave me, and I shall remain for ever. Next spring you’ll
long again to have me under this roof, and you’ll look back and
think you were happy today.”

Linton lavished on her the kindest caresses, and tried to cheer
her by the fondest words; but, vaguely regarding the flowers, she
let the tears collect on her lashes and stream down her cheeks

We knew she was really better, and, therefore, decided that
long confinement to a single place produced much of this
despondency, and it might be partially removed by a change of

The master told me to light a fire in the many-weeks deserted
parlour, and to set an easy-chair in the sunshine by the window;
and then he brought her down, and she sat a long while enjoying
the genial heat, and, as we expected, revived by the objects round
her, which, though familiar, were free from the dreary associations
investing her hated sick-chamber. By evening, she seemed greatly
exhausted; yet no arguments could persuade her to return to that
apartment, and I had to arrange the parlour sofa for her bed, till
another room could be prepared.

To obviate the fatigue of mounting and descending the stairs,
we fitted up this, where you lie at present, on the same floor with
the parlour; and she was soon strong enough to move from one to

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