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An unexpected aid presently appeared in the shape of
Throttler, whom I now recognized as a son of our old Skulker: it
had spent its whelphood at the Grange, and was given by my
father to Mr. Hindley. I fancy it knew me,--it pushed its nose
against mine by way of salute, and then hastened to devour the
porridge; while I groped from step to step, collecting the shattered
earthenware, and drying the spatters of milk from the banister
with my pocket-handkerchief.

Our labours were scarcely over when I heard Earnshaw’s tread
in the passage; my assistant tucked in his tail, and pressed to the
wall; I stole into the nearest doorway. The dog’s endeavour to
avoid him was unsuccessful, as I guessed by a scutter downstairs,
and a prolonged, piteous yelping. I had better luck: he passed on,
entered his chamber, and shut the door.

Directly after, Joseph came up with Hareton, to put him to bed.
I had found shelter in Hareton’s room, and the old man, on seeing
me, said--

“They’s rahm fur boath yah un yer pride nah, Aw sud think i’
th’ hahse. It’s empty; yah muh hev it all tuh yerseln, un Him as
allas maks a third, i’ sich ill company!”

Gladly did I take advantage of this intimation; and the minute I
flung myself into a chair, by the fire, I nodded, and slept.

My slumber was deep and sweet, though over far too soon. Mr.
Heathcliff awoke me; he has just come in, and demanded, in his
loving manner, what I was doing there?

I told him the cause of my staying up so late--that he had the
key of our room in his pocket.

The adjective our gave mortal offence. He swore it was not, nor
ever should be mine; and he’d--but I’ll not repeat his language,

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