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all nerves, and she couldn’t bear the surprise, I’m positive. Don’t
persist, sir! or else, I shall be obliged to inform my master of your
designs; and he’ll take measures to secure his house and its
inmates from any such unwarrantable intrusions!”

“In that case, I’ll take measures to secure you, woman!”
exclaimed Heathcliff; “you shall not leave Wuthering Heights till
tomorrow morning. It is a foolish story to assert that Catherine
could not bear to see me; and as to surprising her, I don’t desire it:
you must prepare her--ask her if I may come. You say she never
mentions my name, and that I am never mentioned to her. To
whom should she mention me if I am a forbidden topic in the
house? She thinks you are all spies for her husband. Oh, I’ve no
doubt she’s in hell among you! I guess by her silence, as much as
anything, what she feels. You say she is often restless, and
anxious-looking,--is that a proof of tranquillity? You talk of her
mind being unsettled. How the devil could it be otherwise in her
frightful isolation? And that insipid, paltry creature attending her
from duty and humanity! From pity and charity! He might as well
plant an oak in a flower-pot, and expect it to thrive, as imagine he
can restore her to vigour in the soil of his shallow cares! Let us
settle it at once: will you stay here, and am I to fight my way to
Catherine over Linton and his footmen? Or will you be my friend,
as you have been hitherto, and do what I request? Decide! because
there is no reason for my lingering another minute, if you persist
in your stubborn ill-nature.”

Well, Mr. Lockwood, I argued and complained, and flatly
refused him fifty times; but in the long run he forced me to an
agreement. I engaged to carry a letter from him to my mistress;
and should she consent, I promised to let him have intelligence of

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