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“Service is over,” I announced. “My master will be here in half-

Heathcliff groaned a curse, and strained Catherine closer: she
never moved.

Ere long I perceived a group of the servants passing up the road
towards the kitchen wing. Mr. Linton was not far behind; he
opened the gate himself and sauntered slowly up, probably
enjoying the lovely afternoon that breathed as soft as summer.

“Now he is here,” I exclaimed. “For heaven’s sake, hurry down!
You’ll not meet any one on the front stairs. Do be quick; and stay
among the trees till he is fairly in.”

“I must go, Cathy,” said Heathcliff, seeking to extricate himself
from his companion’s arms. “But, if I live, I’ll see you again before
you are asleep. I won’t stray five yards from your window.”

“You must not go!” she answered, holding him as firmly as her
strength allowed. “You shall not, I tell you.”
“For one hour,” he pleaded, earnestly.
“Not for one minute,” she replied.

“I must--Linton will be up immediately,” persisted the alarmed

He would have risen, and unfixed her fingers by the act--she
clung fast, gasping; there was mad resolution in her face.

“No!” she shrieked. “Oh, don’t, don’t go. It is the last time!
Edgar will not hurt us. Heathcliff, I shall die! I shall die!”

“Damn the fool! There he is,” cried Heathcliff, sinking back into
his seat. “Hush, my darling! Hush, hush, Catherine! I’ll stay. If he
shot me so, I’d expire with a blessing on my lips.”

And there they were fast again. I heard my master mounting
the stairs--the cold sweat ran from my forehead: I was horrified.

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