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I rang the bell, and committed it to a servant’s care; and then I
inquired what had urged her to escape from Wuthering Heights in
such an unlikely plight, and where she meant to go, as she refused
remaining with us.

“I ought, and I wish to remain,” answered she, “to cheer Edgar
and take care of the baby, for two things, and because the Grange
is my right home. But I tell you he wouldn’t let me! Do you think
he could bear to see me grow fat and merry; and could bear to
think that we were tranquil, and not resolve on poisoning our
comfort? Now, I have the satisfaction of being sure that he detests
me to the point of its annoying him seriously to have me within
earshot or eyesight: I notice, when I enter his presence, the
muscles of his countenance are involuntarily distorted into an
expression of hatred; partly arising from his knowledge of the
good causes I have to feel that sentiment for him, and partly from
original aversion. It is strong enough to make me feel pretty
certain that he would not chase me over England, supposing I
contrived a clear escape; and therefore I must get quite away. I’ve
recovered from my first desire to be killed by him: I’d rather he’d
kill himself! He has extinguished my love effectually, and so I’m at
my ease. I can recollect yet how I loved him; and can dimly
imagine that I could still be loving him, if--no, no! Even if he had
doted on me, the devilish nature would have revealed its existence
somehow. Catherine had an awfully perverted taste to esteem him
so dearly, knowing him so well. Monster! would that he could be
blotted out of creation, and out of my memory!”

“Hush, hush! He’s a human being,” I said. “Be more charitable;
there are worse men than he is yet!”

“He’s not a human being,” she retorted, “and he has no claim

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