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was just when the people were bearing the coffin from the house.
He had the hypocrisy to represent a mourner; and previous to
following with Hareton, he lifted the unfortunate child on to the
table and muttered, with peculiar gusto,

“Now, my bonny lad, you are mine! And we’ll see if one tree
won’t grow as crooked as another, with the same wind to twist it!”

The unsuspecting thing was pleased at this speech; he played
with Heathcliff’s whiskers, and stroked his cheek; but I divined its
meaning, and observed tartly, “That boy must go back with me to
Thrushcross Grange, sir. There is nothing in the world less yours
than he is!”

“Does Linton say so?” he demanded.
“Of course--he has ordered me to take him,” I replied.
“Well,” said the scoundrel, “we’ll not argue the subject now; but
I have a fancy to try my hand at rearing a young one, so intimate
to your master that I must supply the place of this with my own, if
he attempt to remove it. I don’t engage to let Hareton go,
undisputed; but I’ll be pretty sure to make the other come!
Remember to tell him.”

This hint was enough to bind our hands. I repeated its
substance on my return; and Edgar Linton, little interested at the
commencement, spoke no more of interfering. I’m not aware that
he could have done it to any purpose, had he been ever so willing.

The guest was now the master of Wuthering Heights: he held
firm possession, and proved to the attorney--who, in his turn,
proved it to Mr. Linton--that Earnshaw had mortgaged every yard
of land he owned, for cash to supply his mania for gaming; and he,
Heathcliff, was the mortgagee.

In that manner Hareton, who should now be the first gentleman

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