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north-east side!”

“Oh, you have been on them!” she cried gleefully. “Then I can
go, too, when I am a woman. Has Papa been, Ellen?”

“Papa would tell you, Miss,” I answered hastily, “that they are
not worth the trouble of visiting. The moors, where you ramble
with him, are much nicer; and Thrushcross Park is the finest place
in the world.”

“But I know the park, and I don’t know those,” she murmured
to herself. “And I should delight to look round me from the brow
of that tallest point--my little pony Minny shall take me some

One of the maids mentioning the Fairy Cave, quite turned her
head with a desire to fulfil this project; she teased Mr. Linton
about it; and he promised she should have the journey when she
got older. But Miss Catherine measured her age by months, and--

“Now, am I old enough to go to Penistone Crags?” was the
constant question in her mouth. The road thither wound close by
Wuthering Heights. Edgar had not the heart to pass it; so she
received as constantly the answer, “Not yet, love; not yet.”

I said Mrs. Heathcliff lived above a dozen years after quitting
her husband. Her family were of a delicate constitution: she and
Edgar both lacked the ruddy health that you will generally meet in
these parts. What her last illness was, I am not certain: I
conjecture, they died of the same thing, a kind of fever, slow at its
commencement, but incurable, and rapidly consuming life
towards the close.

She wrote to inform her brother of the probable conclusion of a
four months’ indisposition under which she had suffered, and
entreated him to come to her, if possible; for she had much to

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