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inside, had regained its ancient aspect of comfort under female
management, and the scenes of riot common in Hindley’s time
were not now enacted within its walls. The master was too gloomy
to seek companionship with any people, good or bad; and he is yet.

This, however, is not making progress with my story. Miss
Cathy rejected the peace-offering of the terrier, and demanded her
own dogs, Charlie and Phoenix. They came limping, and hanging
their heads; and we set out for home, sadly out of sorts, every one
of us.

I could not wring from my little lady how she had spent the day;
except that, as I supposed, the goal of her pilgrimage was
Penistone Crags; and she arrived without adventure to the gate of
the farmhouse, when Hareton happened to issue forth, attended
by some canine followers, who attacked her train.

They had a smart battle, before their owners could separate
them: that formed an introduction. Catherine told Hareton who
she was, and where she was going; and asked him to show her the
way; finally, beguiling him to accompany her.

He opened the mysteries of the Fairy Cave, and twenty other
queer places. But, being in disgrace, I was not favoured with a
description of the interesting objects she saw.

I could gather, however, that her guide had been a favourite till
she hurt his feelings by addressing him as a servant; and
Heathcliff’s housekeeper hurt hers by calling him her cousin.

Then the language he had held to her rankled in her heart,--
she who was always “love”, and “darling”, and “queen”, and
“angel” with everybody at the Grange, to be insulted so shockingly
by a stranger! She did not comprehend it; and hard work I had to
obtain a promise that she would not lay the grievance before her

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