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the road--they are coming! No! When will they be here? May we
not go a little way--half a mile, Ellen, only just half a mile? Do say
yes: to that clump of birches at the turn!”

I refused staunchly; and, at length, her suspense was ended,--
the travelling carriage rolled in sight.

Miss Cathy shrieked, and stretched out her arms, as soon as she
caught her father’s face looking from the window. He descended,
nearly as eager as herself; and a considerable interval elapsed ere
they had a thought to spare for any but themselves.

While they exchanged caresses, I took a peep in to see after
Linton. He was asleep in a corner, wrapped in a warm, fur-lined
cloak, as if it had been winter. A pale, delicate, effeminate boy,
who might have been taken for my master’s younger brother, so
strong was the resemblance: but there was a sickly peevishness in
his aspect, that Edgar Linton never had.

The latter saw me looking; and having shaken hands, advised
me to close the door, and leave him undisturbed; for the journey
had fatigued him.

Cathy would fain have taken one glance, but her father told her
to come on, and they walked together up the park, while I
hastened before to prepare the servants.

“Now, darling,” said Mr. Linton, addressing his daughter, as
they halted at the bottom of the front steps, “your cousin is not so
strong or so merry as you are, and he has lost his mother,
remember, a very short time since; therefore, don’t expect him to
play and run about with you directly. And don’t harass him much
by talking: let him be quiet this evening, at least, will you?”

“Yes, yes, Papa,” answered Catherine; “but I do want to see
him; and he hasn’t once looked out.”

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