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whence a light mist mounted and formed a fleecy cloud on the
skirts of the blue.

“It is not so buried in trees,” I replied, “and it is not quite so
large, but you can see the country beautifully, all round; and the
air is healthier for you--fresher and dryer. You will, perhaps,
think the building old and dark at first; though it is a respectable
house,--the next best in the neighbourhood. And you will have
such nice rambles on the moors. Hareton Earnshaw--that is Miss
Cathy’s other cousin, and so yours in a manner--will show you all
the sweetest spots; and you can bring a book in fine weather, and
make a green hollow your study; and, now and then, your uncle
may join you in a walk: he does, frequently, walk out on the hills.”

“And what is my father like?” he asked. “Is he as young and
handsome as Uncle?”

“He’s as young,” said I; “but he has black hair and eyes, and
looks sterner; and he is taller and bigger altogether. He’ll not seem
to you so gentle and kind at first, perhaps, because it is not his
way--still, mind you be frank and cordial with him; and naturally
he’ll be fonder of you than any uncle, for you are his own.”

“Black hair and eyes!” mused Linton. “I can’t fancy him. Then I
am not like him, am I?”

“Not much,” I answered . . . Not a morsel, I thought, surveying
with regret the white complexion and slim frame of my
companion, and his large languid eyes . . . his mother’s eyes, save
that, unless a morbid touchiness kindled them a moment, they had
not a vestige of her sparkling spirit.

“How strange that he should never come to see Mama and me!”
he murmured. “Has he ever seen me? If he has, I must have been
a baby--I remember not a single thing about him!”

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