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you possessed. Now, don’t wince, and colour up! Though it is
something to see you have not white blood. Be a good lad; and I’ll
do for you. Nelly, if you be tired you may sit down; if not, get home
again. I guess you’ll report what you hear, and see, to the cipher at
the Grange; and this thing won’t be settled while you linger about

“Well,” replied I, “I hope you’ll be kind to the boy, Mr.
Heathcliff, or you’ll not keep him long; and he’s all you have akin
in the wide world, that you will ever know--remember.”

“I’ll be very kind to him, you needn’t fear,” he said, laughing.
“Only nobody else must be kind to him--I’m jealous of
monopolising his affection. And, to begin my kindness, Joseph,
bring the lad some breakfast. Hareton, you infernal calf, begone to
your work. Yes, Nell,” he added, when they had departed, “my son
is prospective owner of your place, and I should not wish him to
die till I was certain of being his successor. Besides he’s mine, and
I want the triumph of seeing my descendant fairly lord of their
estates; my child hiring their children to till their fathers’ lands for
wages. That is the sole consideration which can make me endure
the whelp: I despise him for himself, and hate him for the
memories he revives! But that consideration is sufficient; he’s as
safe with me, and shall be tended as carefully as your master tends
his own. I have a room upstairs, furnished for him in handsome
style; I’ve engaged a tutor, also, to come three times a week, from
twenty miles distance, to teach him what he pleases to learn. I’ve
ordered Hareton to obey him; and in fact I’ve arranged every thing
with a view to preserve the superior and the gentleman in him,
above his associates. I do regret, however, that he so little deserves
the trouble: if I wished any blessing in the world, it was to find him

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