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Joseph’s bacca pipe is poison; and he must always have sweets
and dainties, and always milk, milk for ever--heeding naught how
the rest of us are pinched in winter--and there he’ll sit, wrapped
in his furred cloak in his chair by the fire, and some toast and
water or other slop on the hob to sip at; and if Hareton, for pity,
comes to amuse him--Hareton is not bad-natured, though he’s
rough--they’re sure to part, one swearing and the other crying. I
believe the master would relish Earnshaw’s thrashing him to a
mummy, if he were not his son; and I’m certain he would be fit to
turn him out of doors, if he knew half the nursing he gives hisseln.
But then, he won’t go into danger of temptation: he never enters
the parlour, and should Linton show those ways in the house
where he is, he sends him upstairs directly.”

I divined, from this account, that utter lack of sympathy had
rendered young Heathcliff selfish and disagreeable, if he were not
so originally; and my interest in him, consequently, decayed;
though still I was moved with a sense of grief at his lot, and a wish
that he had been left with us.

Mr. Edgar encouraged me to gain information; he thought a
great deal about him, I fancy, and would have run some risk to see
him; and he told me once to ask the housekeeper whether he ever
came into the village.

She said he had only been twice, on horseback, accompanying
his father, and both times he pretended to be quite knocked up for
three or four days afterwards.

That housekeeper left, if I recollect rightly, two years after he
came; and another, whom I did not know, was her successor: she
lives there still.

Time wore on at the Grange in its former pleasant way, till Miss

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