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“She wasn’t as happy as master; she hadn’t as much to live for. All
you need do is to wait well on your father, and cheer him by letting
him see you cheerful, and avoid giving him anxiety on any
subject--mind that, Cathy! I’ll not disguise but you might kill him,
if you were wild and reckless, and cherished a foolish, fanciful
affection for the son of a person who would be glad to have him in
his grave, and allowed him to discover that you fretted over the
separation he has judged it expedient to make.”

“I fret about nothing on earth except Papa’s illness,” answered
my companion. “I care for nothing in comparison with Papa. And
I’ll never--never--oh, never, while I have my senses, do an act or
say a word to vex him. I love him better than myself, Ellen; and I
know it by this: I pray every night that I may live after him,
because I would rather be miserable than that he should be--that
proves I love him better than myself.”

“Good words,” I replied. “But deeds must prove it also; and
after he is well, remember you don’t forget resolutions formed in
the hour of fear.”

As we talked, we neared a door that opened on the road; and
my young lady, lightening into sunshine again, climbed up and
seated herself on the top of the wall, reaching over to gather some
hips that bloomed scarlet on the summit branches of the wild rose
trees, shadowing the highway side: the lower fruit had
disappeared, but only birds could touch the upper, except from
Cathy’s present station.

In stretching to pull them, her hat fell off; and as the door was
locked, she proposed scrambling down to recover it. I bid her be
cautious lest she got a fall, and she nimbly disappeared.

But the return was no such easy matter: the stones were

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