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to visit him no more.

“But it was so miserable going to bed, and getting up, and never
hearing anything about him, that my resolution melted into air
before it was properly formed. It had appeared wrong to take the
journey once; now it seemed wrong to refrain. Michael came to ask
if he must saddle Minny; I said ‘Yes’, and considered myself doing
a duty as she bore me over the hills.

“I was forced to pass the front windows to get to the court; it
was no use trying to conceal my presence.

“‘Young master is in the house,’ said Zillah, as she saw me
making for the parlour.

“I went in; Earnshaw was there also, but he quitted the room
directly. Linton sat in the great armchair half asleep; walking up
to the fire, I began in a serious tone, partly meaning it to be true:

“‘As you don’t like me, Linton, and as you think I come on
purpose to hurt you, and pretend that I do so every time, this is
our last meeting--let us say good-bye; and tell Mr. Heathcliff that
you have no wish to see me, and that he mustn’t invent any more
falsehoods on the subject.’

“‘Sit down and take your hat off, Catherine,’ he answered. ‘You
are so much happier than I am, you ought to be better. Papa talks
enough of my defects, and shows enough scorn of me, to make it
natural I should doubt myself. I doubt whether I am not altogether
as worthless as he calls me, frequently; and then I feel so cross and
bitter, I hate everybody! I am worthless, and bad in temper, and
bad in spirit, almost always; and, if you choose, you may say good-
bye--you’ll get rid of an annoyance. Only, Catherine, do me this
justice: believe that if I might be as sweet, and as kind, and as good
as you are, I would be, as willingly, and more so, than as happy

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