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“No--better--better!” he panted, trembling, and retaining her
hand as if he needed its support, while his large blue eyes
wandered timidly over her, the hollowness round them
transforming to haggard wildness the languid expression they
once possessed.

“But you have been worse,” persisted his cousin, “worse than
when I saw you last; you are thinner, and--”

“I’m tired,” he interrupted hurriedly. “It is too hot for walking,
let us rest here. And, in the morning, I often feel sick--Papa says I
grow so fast.”

Badly satisfied, Cathy sat down, and he reclined beside her.
“This is something like your paradise,” said she, making an
effort at cheerfulness. “You recollect the two days we agreed to
spend in the place and the way each thought pleasantest? This is
nearly yours, only there are clouds; but then they are so soft and
mellow, it is nicer than sunshine. Next week, if you can, we’ll ride
down to the Grange Park, and try mine.”

Linton did not appear to remember what she talked of; and he
had evidently great difficulty in sustaining any kind of
conversation. His lack of interest in the subjects she started, and
his equal incapacity to contribute to her entertainment, were so
obvious, that she could not conceal her disappointment. An
indefinite alteration had come over his whole person and manner.
The pettishness that might be caressed into fondness had yielded
to a listless apathy; there was less of the peevish temper of a child
which frets and teases on purpose to be soothed, and more of the
self-absorbed moroseness of a confirmed invalid, repelling
consolation, and ready to regard the good-humoured mirth of
others as an insult.

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