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He resumed his former occupation, closing his lids, as if he
meant to drop asleep.

“Master Heathcliff,” I resumed, “have you forgotten all
Catherine’s kindness to you last winter, when you affirmed you
loved her, and when she brought you books, and sung you songs,
and came many a time through wind and snow to see you? She
wept to miss one evening, because you would be disappointed; and
you felt then that she was a hundred times too good to you: and
now you believe the lies your father tells, though you know he
detests you both! And you join him against her. That’s fine
gratitude, is it not?”

The corner of Linton’s mouth fell, and he took the sugar-candy
from his lips.

“Did she come to Wuthering Heights because she hated you?” I
continued. “Think for yourself! As to your money, she does not
even know that you will have any. And you say she’s sick; and yet,
you leave her alone, up there in a strange house! You, who have
felt what it is to be so neglected! You could pity your own
sufferings, and she pitied them, too, but you won’t pity hers! I shed
tears, Master Heathcliff, you see--an elderly woman, and a servant
merely--and you, after pretending such affection, and having
reason to worship her, almost, store every tear you have for
yourself, and lie there quite at ease. Ah! you’re a heartless, selfish

“I can’t stay with her,” he answered crossly. “I’ll not stay, by
myself. She cries so I can’t bear it. And she won’t give over, though
I say I’ll call my father. I did call him once, and he threatened to
strangle her, if she was not quiet; but she began again, the instant
he left the room, moaning and grieving all night long, though I

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