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person either. There was the same man: his dark face rather
sallower and more composed, his frame a stone or two heavier,
perhaps, and no other difference.

Catherine had risen, with an impulse to dash out, when she saw

Stop! he said, arresting her by the arm. No more runnings
away! Where would you go? Im come to fetch you home; and I
hope youll be a dutiful daughter, and not encourage my son to
further disobedience. I was embarrassed how to punish him, when
I discovered his part in the business--hes such a cobweb, a pinch
would annihilate him--but youll see by his look that he has
received his due! I brought him down one evening, the day before
yesterday, and just set him in a chair, and never touched him
afterwards. I sent Hareton out, and we had the room to ourselves.
In two hours, I called Joseph to carry him up again; and since then
my presence is as potent on his nerves as a ghost; and I fancy he
sees me often, though I am not near. Hareton says he wakes and
shrieks in the night by the hour together, and calls you to protect
him from me; and, whether you like your precious mate or not,
you must come--hes your concern now; I yield all my interest in
him to you.

Why not let Catherine continue here? I pleaded, and send
Master Linton to her. As you hate them both, youd not miss them;
they can only be a daily plague to your unnatural heart.

Im seeking a tenant for the Grange, he answered; and I
want my children about me, to be sure--besides, that lass owes me
her services for her bread; Im not going to nurture her in luxury
and idleness after Linton is gone. Make haste and get ready now.
And dont oblige me to compel you.

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