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you stopping there?’ she cried, in a tone of disgust. ‘I can’t endure
you! I’ll go upstairs again, if you come near me.’

“Mr. Hareton recoiled, looking as foolish as he could do; he sat
down in the settle, very quiet, and she continued turning over her
volumes another half-hour; finally, Earnshaw crossed over, and
whispered to me:

“‘Will you ask her to read to us, Zillah? I’m stalled of doing
naught; and I do like--I could like to hear her! Dunnot say I
wanted it, but ask of yourseln.’

“‘Mr. Hareton wishes you would read to us, ma’am,’ I said
immediately. ‘He’d take it very kind--he’d be much obliged.’

“She frowned; and, looking up, answered--‘Mr. Hareton, and
the whole set of you, will be good enough to understand that I
reject any pretence at kindness you have the hypocrisy to offer! I
despise you, and will have nothing to say to any of you! When I
would have given my life for one kind word, even to see one of
your faces, you all kept off. But I won’t complain to you! I’m driven
down here by the cold, not either to amuse you, or enjoy your

“‘What could I ha’ done?’ began Earnshaw. ‘How was I to

“‘Oh! you are an exception,’ answered Mrs. Heathcliff. ‘I never
missed such a concern as you.’

“‘But I offered more than once, and asked,’ he said, kindling up
at her pertness, ‘I asked Mr. Heathcliff to let me wake for you--’

“‘Be silent! I’ll go out of doors, or anywhere, rather than have
your disagreeable voice in my ear!’ said my lady.

“Hareton muttered, she might go to hell, for him! and
unslinging his gun, restrained himself from his Sunday

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