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by his quivering lip and furious eyes that the outrage committed
on his precious shrubs was detected.

He must have seen Cathy and her cousin about the spot before
he examined it, for while his jaws worked like those of a cow
chewing its cud, and rendered his speech difficult to understand,
he began:

Aw mun hev my wage, and Aw mun goa! Aw hed aimed tuh
dee, wheare Awd sarved fur sixty year; un Aw thowt Awd lug my
books up intuh t garret, un all my bits uh stuff, un they sud hev t
kitchen tuh theirseln; fur t sake uh quietness. It wur hard tuh gie
up my awn hearthstun, bud Aw thowt Aw could do that! Bud nah
shoos taan my garden frough me, un by th heart! Maister, Aw
cannot stand it! Yah muh bend tuh th yoak, and ye will--Aw
noan used to t, and an owd man doesnt sooin get used tuh new
barthens. Awd rayther arn my bite an my sup wi a hammer in th

Now, now, idiot! interrupted Heathcliff, cut it short! Whats
your grievance? Ill interfere in no quarrels between you and
Nelly: she may thrust you into the coal-hole for anything I care.

Its noan Nelly! answered Joseph. Aw sudnt shift for
Nelly,--nasty, ill nowt as shoo is. Thank God! shoo cannot stale t
sowl uh nobdy! Shoo wer niver soa handsome, bud whet a body
mud look at her baht winking. Its yon flaysome, graceless quean,
uts witched ahr lad, wi her bold een, un her forrard ways--till--
Nay! It fair bursts my heart! Hes forgetten all E done for him, un
made on him, un goan un riven up a whole row ut t grandest
currant-trees, i t garden! and here he lamented outright,
unmanned by a sense of his bitter injuries, and Earnshaws
ingratitude and dangerous condition.

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