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as long as you please. But you’ve caught cold,--I saw you
shivering, and you must have some gruel to drive it out.”

The worthy woman bustled off, and I crouched nearer the fire;
my head felt hot, and the rest of me chill; moreover, I was excited,
almost to a pitch of foolishness, through my nerves and brain. This
caused me to feel, not uncomfortable, but rather fearful (as I am
still) of serious effects from the incidents of today and yesterday.

She returned presently, bringing a smoking basin and a basket
of work; and, having placed the former on the hob, drew in her
seat, evidently pleased to find me so companionable.

Before I came to live here, she commenced, waiting no further
invitation to her story, I was almost always at Wuthering Heights;
because my mother had nursed Mr. Hindley Earnshaw, that was
Hareton’s father, and I got used to playing with the children--I
ran errands too, and helped to make hay, and hung about the farm
ready for anything that anybody would set me to.

One fine summer morning--it was the beginning of harvest, I
remember--Mr. Earnshaw, the old master, came downstairs,
dressed for a journey; and after he had told Joseph what was to be
done during the day, he turned to Hindley and Cathy and me--for
I sat eating my porridge with them--and he said, speaking to his

“Now, my bonny man, I’m going to Liverpool today--what shall
I bring you? You may choose what you like, only let it be little, for
I shall walk there and back,--sixty miles each way, that is a long

Hindley named a fiddle, and then he asked Miss Cathy; she was
hardly six years old, but she could ride any horse in the stable, and
she chose a whip.

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