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waking Mr. Earnshaw by knocking. There was Heathcliff, by
himself: it gave me a start to see him alone.

“Where is Miss Catherine?” I cried hurriedly. “No accident, I

“At Thrushcross Grange,” he answered, “and I would have
been there too, but they had not the manners to ask me to stay.”--

“Well, you will catch it!” I said, “you’ll never be content till
you’re sent about your business. What in the world led you
wandering to Thrushcross Grange?”

“Let me get off my wet clothes, and I’ll tell you all about it,
Nelly,” he replied.

I bid him beware of rousing the master, and while he undressed
and I waited to put out the candle, he continued--

“Cathy and I escaped from the wash-house to have a ramble at
liberty, and getting a glimpse of the Grange lights, we thought we
would just go and see whether the Lintons passed their Sunday
evenings standing shivering in corners, while their father and
mother sat eating and drinking, and singing and laughing, and
burning their eyes out before the fire. Do you think they do? Or
reading sermons, and being catechised by their manservant, and
set to learn a column of Scripture names if they don’t answer

“Probably not,” I responded. “They are good children, no
doubt, and don’t deserve the treatment you receive, for your bad

“Don’t you cant, Nelly,” he said. “Nonsense! We ran from the
top of the Heights to the park without stopping--Catherine
completely beaten in the race, because she was barefoot. You’ll
have to seek for her shoes in the bog tomorrow. We crept through

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