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He drew back in consternation. I lifted Hareton in my arms,
and walked off to the kitchen with him, leaving the door of
communication open, for I was curious to watch how they would
settle their disagreement.

The insulted visitor moved to the spot where he had laid his
hat, pale and with a quivering lip.

“That’s right!” I said to myself. “Take warning and begone! It’s
a kindness to let you have a glimpse of her genuine disposition.”

“Where are you going?” demanded Catherine, advancing to the

He swerved aside, and attempted to pass.
“You must not go!” she exclaimed energetically.
“I must and shall!” he replied in a subdued voice.
“No,” she persisted, grasping the handle; “not yet, Edgar
Linton: sit down, you shall not leave me in that temper. I should
be miserable all night, and I won’t be miserable for you!”

“Can I stay after you have struck me?” asked Linton.
Catherine was mute.

“You’ve made me afraid and ashamed of you,” he continued;
“I’ll not come here again!”

Her eyes began to glisten, and her lids to twinkle.
“And you told a deliberate untruth!” he said.

“I didn’t!” she cried, recovering her speech. “I did nothing
deliberately. Well, go, if you please--get away! And now I’ll cry--
I’ll cry myself sick!”

She dropped down on her knees by a chair, and set to weeping
in serious earnest.

Edgar persevered in his resolution as far as the court; there he

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