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“Please come back, and finish your story!” Alice called after it. And
the others all joined in chorus “Yes, please do!” But the mouse only
shook its head impatiently, and walked a little quicker.

“What a pity it wouldn’t stay!” sighed the Lory, as soon as it was
quite out of sight. And an old Crab took the opportunity of saying
to her daughter “Ah, my dear! Let this be a lesson to you never to
lose your temper!” “Hold your tongue, Ma!” said the young Crab,
a little snappishly. “You’re enough to try the patience of an oyster!”
“I wish I had our Dinah here, I know I do!” said Alice aloud,
addressing nobody in particular. “She’d soon fetch it back!” “And
who is Dinah, if I might venture to ask the question?” said the

Alice replied eagerly, for she was always ready to talk about her
pet: “Dinah’s our cat. And she’s such a capital one for catching
mice, you ca’n’t think! And oh, I wish you could see her after the
birds! Why, she’ll eat a little bird as soon as look at it!” This speech
caused a remarkable sensation among the party. Some of the birds
hurried off at once: one old Magpie began wrapping itself up very
carefully, remarking “I really must be getting home: the night-air
doesn’t suit my throat!” And a Canary called out in a trembling
voice, to its children, “Come away, my dears! It’s high time you
were all in bed!” On various pretexts they all moved off, and Alice
was soon left alone.

“I wish I hadn’t mentioned Dinah!” she said to herself in a
melancholy tone.

“Nobody seems to like her, down here, and I’m sure she’s the best
cat in the world! Oh, my dear Dinah! I wonder if I shall ever see
you any more!” And here poor Alice began to cry again, for she felt
very lonely and low-spirited. In a little while, however, she again
heard a little pattering of footsteps in the distance, and she looked
up eagerly, half hoping that the Mouse had changed his mind, and
was coming back to finish his story.
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