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the Palace of Green Porcelain was a piece of self-deception, to
enable me to shirk, by another day, an experience I dreaded. I
resolved I would make the descent without further waste of time,
and started out in the early morning towards a well near the ruins
of granite and aluminium.

‘Little Weena ran with me. She danced beside me to the well, but
when she saw me lean over the mouth and look downward, she
seemed strangely disconcerted. “Good-bye, little Weena,” I said,
kissing her; and then, putting her down, I began to feel over the
parapet for the climbing hooks. Rather hastily, I may as well
confess, for I feared my courage might leak away! At first she
watched me in amazement. Then she gave a most piteous cry, and,
running to me, she began to pull at me with her little hands. I think
her opposition nerved me rather to proceed. I shook her off,
perhaps a little roughly, and in another moment I was in the throat
of the well. I saw her agonized face over the parapet, and smiled to
reassure her. Then I had to look down at the unstable hooks to
which I clung.

‘I had to clamber down a shaft of perhaps two hundred yards. The
descent was effected by means of metallic bars projecting from the
sides of the well, and these being adapted to the needs of a creature
much smaller and lighter than myself, I was speedily cramped and
fatigued by the descent. And not simply fatigued! One of the bars
bent suddenly under my weight, and almost swung me off into the
blackness beneath. For a moment I hung by one hand, and after
that experience I did not dare to rest again. Though my arms and
back were presently acutely painful, I went on clambering down
the sheer descent with as quick a motion as possible. Glancing
upward, I saw the aperture, a small blue disk, in which a star was
visible, while little Weena’s head showed as a round black

The thudding sound of a machine below grew louder and more
oppressive. Everything save that little disk above was profoundly
dark, and when I looked up again Weena had disappeared.

‘I was in an agony of discomfort. I had some thought of trying to
go up the shaft again, and leave the Under-world alone. But even
while I turned this over in my mind I continued to descend. At last,
with intense relief, I saw dimly coming up, a foot to the right of
me, a slender loophole in the wall. Swinging myself in, I found it
was the aperture of a narrow horizontal tunnel in which I could lie
down and rest. It was not too soon. My arms ached, my back was
cramped, and I was trembling with the prolonged terror of a fall.
Besides this, the unbroken darkness had had a distressing effect
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