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$30,000 Bequest,The
Author: Twain, Mark Size: 881k

1644 Areopagitica
Author: Milton, John Size: 103k

1648 - 1653 Psalms - I - VIII, LXXX- LXXXVIII
Author: Milton, John Size: 66k

1663 Paradise Lost
Author: Milton, John Size: 683k

1671 Paradise Regained
Author: Milton, John Size: 134k

1671 Samson Agonistes
Author: Milton, John Size: 130k

1688 Oroonoko Or The Royal Slave
Author: Behn, Aphra Size: 251k

1817 Dedication (Of Poems, 1817) To Leigh Hunt, Esq
Author: Keats, John Size: 6k

1817 Endymion: A Poetic Romance
Author: Keats, John Size: 399k

1817 Sleep and Poetry
Author: Keats, John Size: 31k

1818 Over The Wall and Over The Dale
Author: Keats, John Size: 7k

1818 Ozymandias
Author: Shelley, Percy Bysshe Size: 22k

1818 Translated From Ronsard
Author: Keats, John Size: 6k

1819 Character Of Charles Brown
Author: Keats, John Size: 7k

1819 The Day Is Gone, and All Its Sweets Are Gone
Author: Keats, John Size: 6k

1819 The Eve Of Saint Agnes
Author: Keats, John Size: 39k

1819 The Eve Of Saint Mark
Author: Keats, John Size: 15k

1819 This Living Hand, Now Warm and Capable
Author: Keats, John Size: 6k

1824 On This day I Complete My Thirty - Sixth Year
Author: Byron, George Gordon Size: 26k

1835 Twice Told Tales Young Goodman Brown
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 48k

1836 Twice Told Tales The Wedding Knell
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 31k

1837 Twice Told Tales Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 38k

1837 Twice Told Tales The Prophetic Pictures
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 50k

1838 Oliver Twist
Author: Dickens, Charles Size: 899k

1838 Twice Told Tales Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 69k

1843 Twice Told Tales The Birthmark
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 61k

1843 Twice Told Tales The Celestial Railroad
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 62k

1843 Twice Told Tales Egotism, Or, The Bosom Serpant etc
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 49k

1844 Twice Told Tales Earth's Holocaust
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 69k

1844 Twice Told Tales Rappaccini's Daughter
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 100k

1850 David Copperfield
Author: Dickens, Charles Size: 1960k

1850 Twice Told Tales Ethan Brand A Chapter From An Abortive
Author: Hawthorne, Nathaniel Size: 59k

1854 Hard Times
Author: Dickens, Charles Size: 566k

1859 On Liberty
Author: Mill, John Stuart Size: 414k

1859 A Tale Of Two Cities
Author: Dickens, Charles Size: 746k

1861 Representative Government
Author: Mill, John Stuart Size: 857k

1861 Great Expectations
Author: Dickens, Charles Size: 969k

1863 Utilitarianism
Author: Mill, John Stuart Size: 235k

1904 Peter Pan
Author: Barrie, James M Size: 513k

1995 Cia World Fact Book,The
Author: Reference Size: 5649k

330 BC The Oration On The Crown
Author: Demosthenes Size: 319k

339 BC The Oration On The Letter
Author: Demosthenes Size: 31k

340 BC The Oration On The Regulation Of The State
Author: Demosthenes Size: 59k

341 BC The Oration On The State Of The Chersonesus
Author: Demosthenes Size: 75k

341 BC The Third Philippic
Author: Demosthenes Size: 72k

344 BC The Oration On The Treaty With Alexander
Author: Demosthenes Size: 33k

344 BC The Second Philippic
Author: Demosthenes Size: 44k

346 BC The Oration On Peace
Author: Demosthenes Size: 39k

349 BC The Second Olynthiac Oration
Author: Demosthenes Size: 51k

349 BC The Third Olynthiac Oration
Author: Demosthenes Size: 35k

350 BC Categories
Author: Aristotle Size: 132k

350 BC Physics
Author: Aristotle Size: 732k

350 BC Poetics
Author: Aristotle Size: 135k

350 BC Politics
Author: Aristotle Size: 754k

350 BC Posterior Analytics
Author: Aristotle Size: 313k

350 BC Prior Analytics
Author: Aristotle Size: 417k

350 BC Rhetoric
Author: Aristotle Size: 586k

350 BC Topics
Author: Aristotle Size: 614k

355 BC The Oration On The Classes
Author: Demosthenes Size: 67k

400 BC On Regiment In Acute Diseases
Author: Hippocrates Size: 137k

400 BC On The Articulations
Author: Hippocrates Size: 234k

400 BC On The Sacred Diseases
Author: Hippocrates Size: 52k

400 BC On The Surgery
Author: Hippocrates Size: 38k

400 BC On Ulcers
Author: Hippocrates Size: 43k

400 BC The Book Of Prognostics
Author: Hippocrates Size: 58k

408 BC Orestes
Author: Euripides Size: 89k

409 BC Philoctetes
Author: Sophocles Size: 216k

413 BC Electra
Author: Euripides Size: 148k

415 BC The Trojan Women
Author: Euripides Size: 123k

421 BC The Suppliants
Author: Euripides Size: 130k

423 BC The Cyclops
Author: Euripides Size: 90k

438 BC Alcestic
Author: Euripides Size: 101k

450 BC Rhesus
Author: Euripides Size: 100k

50 Bad Ballads
Author: Gilbert, William Size: 345k
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