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New MonkeyNotes Title Request

  • We determine our future MonkeyNotes titles from user input. Some titles may have thousands of requests while others may have only one or two. We try to devote our attention to the most popular requests, so please let us know what you need. We may not know that you need a particular title unless you tell us. Your vote will be counted!

  • Please don't think that we can simply "get" or "find" notes for the title you want. The development of our MonkeyNotes is a very involved process and it normally takes several months from start to finish. You should use a search engine to locate information on the title you need if we don't have it. So many times, someone will email us asking for a complete summary for their project due the next day and asked us to "find" a summary for them. Please understand that we create our MonkeyNotes from scratch. We can't just "find" something and put it on the site. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to create a new booknote.

  • While we do add every single request to our database, we do not generally reply to title requests, so please don't expect a reply. If you need help with something on the site, send a message to instead.

  • To submit a MonkeyNotes request and have it added to our request database, you MUST do the following:

    Send an email message to and type: MonkeyNotes Request- followed by the title and author. If you don't put the title and author in the subject line following MonkeyNotes Request-, then we won't even see the email.

    Example: If you wanted to request Shoeless Joe by W.K. Kinsella, your email SUBJECT LINE should read:

    MonkeyNotes Request-Shoeless Joe by W.K. Kinsella

    You can add comments in the body of the email if you wish.
    If it's a relatively new or obscure title, please tell us your grade level, so we can know what the target audience is.

    We do count every real request in our database and the requests are taken into consideration for each and every new MonkeyNotes title that we create. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE EMAIL FOR THE REQUEST.

    We're working hard based upon the requests you make, but again, please understand that we can't just get you a summary from somewhere. We have to create it.

    Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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