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Example 2

In figure 2.21 seg. MN @ seg. MO , seg. PN @ seg. PO, prove that Ð MNP @ ÐMOP.

Figure 2.21

Solution :

Draw segment MP

In triangle MNP and MOP

seg. MN @ seg.MO

seg. PN @ seg. PO

seg. MP @ seg. MP

\ D MNP @ D MOP ...(S S S Postulate)

\ Ð MNP @ Ð MOP ....(as they are corresponding angles of congruent triangles .)

Example 3

In figure 2.22 H and G are two points on congruent sides DE & DF of D DEF such that seg. DH @ seg. DG. Prove that seg. HF @ seg. GE.

Figure 2.22

Solution :

In triangles DHF and DGE seg. DF @ seg. DE

Ð HDF @ Ð GDE ( same angle )

seg. DH @ seg. DG

\ D DHF @ D DGE S A S postulate

\ seg. HF @ seg. GE as they are corresponding sides of congruent triangles.


2.1 Introduction
2.2 Sum Of The Angles Of A Triangle
2.3 Types of Triangles
2.4 Altitude, Median And Angle Bisector
2.5 Congruence Of Triangles
2.6 Sides Opposite Congruent Angles

Chapter 3


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