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5.1 : How Are The Tests Scored?

Your score report for the General Test will show separate scores and percentile ranks for the verbal, quantitative and analytical sections. The range in which the scores are measured is 200-800, in each section. In case no answers have been attempted in any particular section, a NS or No Score will be reported.

The score report for the Subject Test will show one total score and percentile rank for every test; for some tests there will be sub-scores. The range of the score for each test is 200-990. If no answer has been attempted, no score will be reported.

The percentile rank shows how you stand with reference to other students, who have taken the same test in a recent 3-year time period.

Q. When will I receive the Score Report?

A. In case of the Paper-Based Test, your score report will be mailed to you and your designated institutions about 4-6 weeks after the test.

If you take the Computer-Based Test your score report will be mailed to you and your designated institutions about 10-15 days after your test.

Important Points

1. The number of points for each question is the same. It does not make any difference whether the question is easy or difficult. Whether it takes 10 seconds or three minutes to answer, you will get the same number of points for each question answered correctly.

2. There is no penalty for incorrect answers. However it is advisable not to leave any question unanswered. If you are not certain about the answer, make a guess.

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5.1 How are the tests Scored?

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