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Newton's law of Universal gravitation

Newton discovered this law, in the process of analyzing and interpreting Kepler's laws of planetary motions and realized that the same law provides explanation for the revolution of the moon around the Earth as well as that of falling bodies on the Earth. Newton's law states:

"Every object exerts an attractive gravitational force on every other object in the universe; the force is proportional to each mass and inversely proportional to the square of distance between them."

Centripetal force in uniform circular motion

The centripetal force is a generic term. In practice the real interactions such as,

  1. gravitational (in case of planets around the sun or artificial satellites or the moon around the Earth).

  2. Coulomb interaction (between nucleus and electrons in the atom)

serve as the centripetal force.



3.1 Dynamics of a particle
3.2 Dynamics of a system of particles
3.3 Law of Conservation of Momentum

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