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33.2 Louis de Broglie's concept of matter waves

Louis de Broglie asked himself "does nature respect symmetry?" He was convinced that it does. He postulated that just as light has dual character, so does matter. So for a photon,

            E   =   h n

   but    E   =  p c (for a particle of zero rest was like Photon)

       \ p c = h n

Equation (5) was interpreted by de Broglie as the correlation between particle (momentum p) and wave (wave length l) characteristics. He simply inverted equation (5) and wrote it as

and declared that particle of matter of momentum p must have its dual wave character of wave length l. The waves associated with matter are called matter-waves. Matter-waves cannot be considered either as undulations in any medium or as oscillations of some field (s) like electro-magnetic waves. They are also called probability waves.


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33.2 Louis de Broglie's concept of matter waves
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