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4.2 Energy

The capacity of an object to do work is called energy. The M.K.S Unit of energy is also 1 Joule.

Kinetic Energy

The capacity of an object to work on account of its motion is called Kinetic energy (K.E).

For a particle K.E=   .....(2)

Potential Energy

The capacity to do work by a system due to its mutually interacting parts is called Potential Energy (P.E). Potential energy expressions vary ascending to the type of mutual interaction.

e.g. i) For an object of mass `m' at height `h' from ground, the gravitational P.E. = mgh provided that h is very small compared to the radius of the Earth.

ii) Electrostatic P. E of a pair of charges is

iii) Elastic P.E. of a spring of force that is constant `K' and deformed in length by amount `x' is

iv) Mechanical Energy: The sum of K.E. and P.E is called mechanical Energy (E).

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