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Motion which is periodic, repeated over the same path either to and fro about a fixed point or a fixed line, is called Oscillatory or Vibrational motion.

7.1 Linear Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M.)

The periodic to and fro motion on a straight line about a fixed point (called mean or equilibrium position) under the force always directed towards the mean position, and proportional to the distance from the mean position is called Linear S.H.M.

The nature of S.H.M. can be studied by obtaining expressions for acceleration, velocity and displacement from the defining equation; this can be done by integrating F = -Kx ; however the reference circle method is more convenient and therefore it is used here.

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7.1 Linear Simple Harmonic Motion
7.2 S.H.M. & U.C.M.
7.3 Simple Pendulum
7.4 Energy in S.H.M.

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