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    1836 Sketches by Boz
    1836-37 The Pickwick Papers
    1837-38 Oliver Twist
    1838-39 Nicholas Nickleby
    1840-41 The Old Curiosity Shop
    1841 Barnaby Rudge
    1842 American Notes
    1843-44 Martin Chuzzlewit
    1843 A Christmas Carol
    1844 The Chimes
    1845 The Cricket on the Hearth
    1846-48 Dombey and Son
    1849-50 David Copperfield
    1852-53 Bleak House
    1855-57 Little Dorrit
    1859 A Tale of Two Cities
    1860-61 Great Expectations
    1864-65 Our Mutual Friend
    1870 The Mystery of Edwin Drood (unfinished)


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