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Free Study Guide-Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner-Free Book Notes
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1807: Thomas Sutpen is born in the West Virginia mountains to a large, poor, white family of Scottish-English stock.

1817: The Sutpen family moves down into the Tidewater region of Virginia.

1818: Ellen Coldfield is born in Tennessee.

1820: Thomas Sutpen runs away from home.

1827: Sutpen marries his first wife, Eulalia Bon, in Haiti.

1828: Goodhue Coldfield moves to Jefferson, Mississippi, with his family.

1829: Charles Bon is born in Haiti to Eulalia and Sutpen.

1831: Sutpen learns that his wife Eulalia has Negro blood and disowns her and their child, Charles Bon.

1833: Sutpen moves to Yoknapatawpha County, buys land, and begins building his house.

1834: Clytemnestra (Clytie) is born to one of Sutpen's slaves. Sutpen is her father.

1838: Sutpen is married to Ellen Coldfield.

1839: Henry Sutpen is born to Ellen and Sutpen.

1841: Judith Sutpen is born to Ellen and Sutpen.

1845: Rosa Coldfield, Ellen's younger sister, is born to the Coldfields.

1850: Wash Jones moves into an abandoned fishing camp on Sutpen's plantation, along with his daughter, Melicent.

1853: Milly Jones is born to Melicent.

1859: Henry Sutpen and Charles Bon meet at the University of Mississippi. Judith and Charles meet at Christmas. Charles Etienne St. Valery Bon is born to Charles Bon and his mistress in New Orleans.

1860: Sutpen forbids the marriage between Judith and Bon, for it would be an incestuous relationship since they are both his children Henry renounces his birthright and departs with Bon.

1861: Sutpen, Henry, and Bon depart for war.

1862: Ellen Coldfield dies.

1864: Goodhue Coldfield dies.

1865: Henry kills Bon because is has Negro blood. Rosa Coldfield moves to Sutpen's Hundred.

1866: Sutpen becomes engaged to Rosa Coldfield. He insults her, and she returns to Jefferson.

1867: Sutpen takes up with Milly Jones.

1869: Milly's child is born. Wash Jones kills Sutpen.

1870: Charles Etienne comes to Sutpen's Hundred to visit.

1871: Clytie fetches Charles Etienne to Sutpen's Hundred to live.

1879: Charles Etienne leaves the Hundred after getting into trouble with the law.

1881: Charles Etienne returns with his Negro wife.

1882: Jim Bond born to Charles Etienne and his wife.

1884: Judith and Charles Etienne die of yellow fever.

1909: Rosa and Quentin find Henry Sutpen hidden in the house. Rosa Coldfield sends an ambulance to fetch Henry to town, and Clytie sets fire to the house.

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