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Free Study Guide-The Color Purple by Alice Walker-Free Online Book Notes
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Minor Characters (continued)


Albert's brother, who complains that his wife does not work hard enough and who looks at Shug Avery licentiously.


Sofia's sister whom Sofia lives with after Harpo tries to dominate her. She helps raise Sofia's children all the years Sofia is in jail. With the help of Shug and Squeak, she finally gets Sofia out of jail.


Odessa's husband.


Sofia's youngest daughter, whose father is not Harpo, but who is nevertheless Harpo's favorite. She has a blood disease and eats yams prepared in all kinds of ways to combat it.

Jolentha (Suzie Q)

One of Squeak and Harpo's daughters.

Henry Broadnax (known as Buster)

A big, tall man whom Sofia briefly dates and who respects her integrity as an equal.

Bubber Hodges

The warden at the prison and Squeak's uncle, who rapes her when she tries to get Sofia out of jail.


Shug's husband. He lives off Shug and then Mary Agnes and who smokes excessive amounts of marijuana.

The Mayor

An arrogant, power-hungry white man. He puts Sofia in jail for talking rudely to his wife and for knocking him down.

Miz Millie

The mayor's wife. She is a very nervous white woman who forces Sofia to work as her personal attendant for years after her release from prison. She keeps Sofia from her family.


Miz Millie's son who hates Sofia and grows up to be a troublemaker and a racist.

Eleanor Jane

Miz Millie's daughter, who loves Sofia like a mother and will not stay away from her even after she is freed from service to her mother. After a confrontation, Eleanor Jane begins to work for Sofia, taking care of her daughter, Henrietta.

Stanley Earl

Eleanor Jane's husband

Reynolds Stanley

Eleanor Jane's child, whom she wants Sofia to love. Sofia says Reynolds will grow up to become her oppressor.


Samuel's aunt, a missionary.


Corrine's aunt, a missionary.

Edward Duboyce

A man who visits Theodesia and tells her that her award as a missionary is a mark of the exploitation and de- humanization of colonialism.

Doris Baines (pen name Jared Hunt)

A writer who poses as a missionary in Africa to escape compulsory marriage in England. Nettie and Samuel speak with her and her adopted African grandson, Harold, on their way back to England from Africa.


Shug's nineteen-year-old lover who eventually goes to Wilberforce; afterwards they become friends.


One of Shug's sons who lives in Arizona and works as a teacher on a Native American reservation.

Cora Mae

James' wife.

Davis and Cantrell

James and Cora Mae's children.

Jerene and Darlene

Two women who sew for Celie's company. Darlene tries unsuccessfully to convince Celie of the inferiority of her dialect.

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Free Study Guide-The Color Purple by Alice Walker-Free Online Plot Synopsis


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