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Introduction for Parents and Teachers


STUDY SMART is designed to teach three elements of effective study:

  1. The concept of Systematic Study
  2. A variety of specific, effective study skills
  3. An attitude of personal control toward academic success

Students, parents, and teachers should recognize that developing study skills requires considerable time and energy. To ensure that the ideas, skills, and attitudes included in STUDY SMART become a part of students' study, we offer the following suggestions:

  • For students, it will be essential to use and practice the skills presented. Each lesson include practice activities. These activities will give students an opportunity to learn and ask questions about how to change and improve study success.
  • Teachers can contribute to improved study as students learn STUDY SMART by encouraging students to use the skills presented. A list of the topics, skills, and ideas included in STUDY SMART is available along with some "classroom" suggestions.
  • Parents can also provide significant support to improve study. One suggestion is to discuss the ideas for improving study presented in STUDY SMART with students and ask how the ideas are being applied. A second suggestion is to encourage organizational strategies such as time planning, priority setting, and scheduling.

A basic premise of STUDY SMART is that changes in study are required to improve study, enhance learning, and increase success. There are no magic formulas or secret potions which make learning easy. However, there are many different ways to study and often there are better study methods than students commonly use. STUDY SMART presents a variety of strategies, skills, and attitudes which are known to be effective. Usually, students find some skills more effective than others and some find changing old habits difficult. It is important to support experimentation with skills and to reward changes in how students study.

Students should complete one lesson per week in most cases. Younger students may need to do less while older students may complete two or more per week.

A key issue is for students to practice the skills and attitudes with their regularly assigned class work.

By regularly using STUDY SMART and applying the skills, students will gradually add success skills to their study. This developmental approach will generate success in school and promote changes in attitudes and skills.

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