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16.0 Introduction

The U.S. exists in a world of sovereign and independent nations. World order rests on a precarious balance-of-power-system. Before World War I, the primary function of American Foreign Policy was to help American citizens in their travel and foreign business dealings. Foreign policy agencies also served as sources of communication and information for the President and the Secretary of State in the conduct of foreign relations. There has been a significant change in the formulation and management of foreign policy, after 1914. The main objective of American foreign policy is still to safeguard the security of the U.S.

However, in the context of international affairs, American foreign policy also aims at building a stable international order, jointly with other free nations. It also seeks to advance human welfare and standards of living in the less developed areas of the world. A major aim of American policy abroad has been to achieve progress towards avoiding catastrophe, since the arms race carries dangers of total catastrophe. Finally, American foreign policy also tries to meet the long-range challenge of communism.

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16.0 - Introduction
16.1 - Background Of American Foreign Policy
16.2 - Making Foreign Policy
16.3 - The Institutions Of Foreign Policy
16.4 - Issues In Foreign Policy

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