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9.3 Producer Gas

Figure 9.1 - A Producer Gas Generator

Producer gas is a mixture of approximately 25% carbon monoxide, 55% nitrogen, 13% hydrogen and 7% other gases. It is obtained by burning coal or coke in the generators with a restricted supply of air, or by passing air and steam through a bed of red hot fuel. Producer gas is cheap and used as a fuel mainly in glass furnaces and metallurgical furnaces. It also serves as a fuel in gas engines to operate tractors, motor cars and truckso. It is also used as a source of nitrogen for the preparation of ammonia.

However, producer gas is highly flammable. It is also toxic and explosive.

Table of Contents

9.0 - Introduction
9.1 Common Methods of Biogas Formation
9.2 Raw Materials and Substrates
9.3 Producer Gas
9.4 Methane
9.5 Plants as Sources of Hydrocarbons

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