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1.17 Points to Remember


  • It involved the revival of classical learning.

  • The study of the Greek culture helped to develop among men a spirit of inquiry. It was an important instrument in the development of the modern spirit of assertion of the dignity of a person.

Geographical Discoveries

  • Europe entered the Modern Age due to geographical discoveries, which took place for the spread of Religion, Economic and Commercial factors, for adventurous nature.

Renaissance in Italy

  • The Greek Scholars on the run from Constantinople provided a strong impetus for the growth of Greco-Roman Culture.

  • These Scholars took refuge in Italy. They established their schools there.

Tudor Dynasty
  • Henry VII came to English throne and founded the Dynasty of Tudors. He got the support of the people.

  • His son Henry VIII ruled with the concept of Divine Rights of the King. Reformation began during his time.

  • His son Edward could not become an effective ruler.

  • Queen Mary succeeded him. She hated Protestants and they in turn called her ‘Bloody Mary.’

  • After Mary, Elizabeth I came to the English throne. England had golden time in the fields of art, literature, painting, drama, administration, religion etc.

  • She established the Anglican Church.



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1.0 Introduction
1.1 The Modern Age in the History of Europe
1.2 Renaissance in Italy 1.3 The Geographical Explorations of the 15th and the 16th centuries
1.4 The Tudor Dynasty
1.5 Henry VII - the Founder of the Tudor Dynasty
1.6 Henry VIII (1509-1547)
1.7 The Reign of Edward VI (1547-1553)
1.8 Mary Tudor (1553-1558)
1.9 Elizabeth I (1558-1603)
1.10 Reformation in Europe
1.11 Reformation in Germany : Efforts of Martin Luther
1.12 The Official Instatement of Protestantism
1.13 Calvinism
1.14 Reformation in England
1.15 Counter Reformation
1.16 Legacy of the Reformation
1.17 Points to Remember

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