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2.0 Introduction

The classical civilization of ancient Greece and Rome was not forgotten by the Europeans either during the Middle Age or in the Dark Age. The ancient languages were used in church services; for example Latin was used in the west and Greek in the east. Ancient architecture was used as a model for Romanesque construction. Both literature and architecture served as constant witnesses of "the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome." However, between the 14th and the 17th centuries, the classical Greece-Roman civilization was rediscovered in a new and fruitful manner. Up to this period, the European Christians had used the classical languages, literature and art as a means to more important ends. Now they began to read Latin and Greek because they found it instructive and delightful to do so. Also, since they had discovered new values in Greek and Latin writings.

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2.0 - Introduction
2.1 Meaning of Renaissance
2.2 Causes of the Renaissance
2.3 Origin of the Renaissance
2.4 Features of the Renaissance
2.5 Growth and spread of the Renaissance
2.6 Consequences of the Renaissance
2.7 Dates & Events
2.8 Points to Remember

Chapter 3


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