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7.5 Dates & Events

1776 - Claonne succeeded Nacker as the controller of finance.

1786 - The Royal treasury became completely empty.

1789 - The Estates General was summoned be the king after a period of 150 years.

June 20, 1789 - The Third estate takes the Tennis Court oath.

June 27, 1789 - The King permits the Clergy and the Nobility to sit with the Third estate.

July 14, 1789 - The French Revolution began with the fall of Bastille.

Oct 5, 1789 - An army of women marched from Paris to Versailles.

1791 - A Constitution was drawn up by the National Assembly.

20th Sept 1791 - Elections for a Legislative Assembly were held.

1th Oct 1791 - The first meeting of the Legislative Assembly was held.

1792 - The Legislative Assembly suspended the king.

April 20, 1792 - France declares war on its enemies.

Sept 20, 1792 - France defeats its enemies.

Sept 21, 1792 - The National Convention was called to prepare a New constitution.

Sept 22, 1792 - France was declared a Republic.

1793 - King Louis XVI was guillotined.

1793 - As an artillery officer Napoleon defeated the British troops at Toulon.

1794 - The reign of terror came to an end.

Robespierre was guillotined.

1795 - A new constitution called The Constitution of the Third Year came into force.

Napoleon Bonaparte was in command of the Paris troops against the mob.

1796 - Bonaparte lead the French army in Italy against Austria and Sardinia.

1798 - Napoleon was appointed as the General of the army to invade England.

1799 - Napoleon returned to France and overthrew the Directory.

1802 - Napoleon became the Consul for life by popular vote. A Concordat was concluded to govern the relations between the Church and the State.

1804 - Napoleon became the Emperor of France.

1805 - Napoleon is defeated by the British under the command of British Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Napoleon defeats Austria and Russia in the battle of Austerlitz.

1806 - He defeats Prussia in the battle of Jena.

1807 - He defeats Russia in the battle of Friedland.

1813 - Napoleonís army was defeated in Liepzig.

1814 - Napoleon was exiled to Elba.

1815 - Napoleon escaped from Elba.

June 18, 1815 - Napoleon was finally defeated at Waterloo.

1821 - Napoleon died in St. Helena where he had been exiled.

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