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Q: How can we do this for free? Is it free? How can I help?

A: Yes, it's absolutely free to the users. We made a decision to offer our products free of charge and now we are supported by advertising and sponsors. Without your support in this area, PinkMonkey cannot survive and continue to provide you with the ever-expanding library of quality resources you need. It's always a big help to us if you spread the word about the Monkey to all of your friends. Tell your teachers and tell your classmates. Much of the world doesn't know about PinkMonkey yet. We need your help. We also sell our downloadable booknotes in our MonkeyNotes Store You can find a printable version of our booknotes there and support our effort.

Q: Where are the booknotes?

A: For some reason, that is a very common question. The free booknotes are in the MonkeyNotes section. When you go there, you can either select the title you need from one of the numerous lists by Author or title or use the booknotes search engine. When you find the title you need, just click on the appropriate link to view it. We have also have a download store where you can purchase a downloadable and print formatted version of the online notes for a small fee. That option may interest some of you. To reach that page, click on the Printable Booknotes link.

Q: What if I can not find the information that I need?

A: While we continue to add content to PinkMonkey all the time, we realize there may be content needs left unmet. First, we’d encourage you to look in all the areas that might contain the information you need. For instance, there may be some similar content in CoreConcept topics such as American History and American Government. You should look in both areas.

If you find the information you need does not exist, please make us aware of that. Let us Know We use member input in prioritizing content upgrades.

Q: I can't find "Alien Autopsy: A Love Story" by Beezer Snardflask" and I have a book report due tomorrow morning, send me booknotes.

A: We have focused our MonkeyNotes to primarily cover popular titles. There are of course thousands of titles out there and though we would like to, we just can't cover every obscure title ever written. If you can't find a booknote for it on PinkMonkey, there is still a chance that you may be able to find some helpful information on the Internet. Go to a search engine like Google or one of the many others and type in the Title and Author and see if you can locate information. It can be a real chore. We've been there. That's why we made the site in the first place.

Q: Who writes the MonkeyNotes?

A: The MonkeyNotes are written and/or edited by highly qualified college Literature professors all around the country, commissioned by

Q: Can you send me booknotes? I need them bad.

A: Sorry, we currently don't offer that service. You can view whatever we have online all the time or you can purchase a downloadable PDF version from the MonkeyNotes store.

Q: Do we read our email.

A: Yes, unlike most other sites. We're online virtually all the time and respond immediately when possible. If your email didn't require a response, you won't get one, but if you ask a legitimate question or need help, you should hear from us.

Q: How often is content added?

A: We add content all the time. We're constantly working on new MonkeyNotes and Study Guides and developing new study areas for the site.. Your feedback and requests are a very important part of what we add to the site. We don't want to put up stuff that no one will ever use. If you would like to see something on the site. Let us know. We can't do everything, but it helps us understand what your needs are.

Q: In what format is information delivered?

A: Content on is either HTML text, PDF (Portable Document Format) or RTF (Rich Text Format files. HTML text can be read on-screen or printed. PDF files may be read with a free, Adobe Acrobat Reader available from the Adobe website . RTF files can be viewed in any word processor.

Q: Will you help me with my homework?

A: Unfortunately, we don't currently offer specific assistance with your homework or school project needs. We simply don't have the staff to handle it and that wasn't our goal in building this site. When possible we will try to direct you to a source of information that might assist you. But please don't ask us to do your homework for you. We just don't have the resources to handle it.

Q: What are cookies and why do you use them.

A: Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer. There are many uses for cookies. We use a non-persistant session cookies to tell the system that you have logged in when you visit different pages within the site. For that reason, if you have decided to turn off cookies in your browser or installed a "cookie killer" program on your machine, you will not be able to login and use the site. We extract absolutely no information through the use of these cookies and they are only used for the purposes described above.

Q: How can I print out an entire MonkeyNote?

A: We offer very convenient downloadable and printable versions of our notes in our MonkeyNotes Store. You can certainly print it out our online notes page by page if you wish, but it's a time consuming process and may not work correctly. The best results will come from the purchase of a downloadable PDF or RTF file from our store. These versions are formatted for printing and do not contain any of the advertising and links that appear on the website.

Q: Can I put your MonkeyNotes and Barron's Booknotes on my website.

A: Sorry, That's illegal. All booknotes, links, text, files, logos, graphics, formatting and code found on the website is copyrighted and you must have specific written permission from to reproduce any of the material. Reproducing our material without permission is a crime. It's not a wise thing to do. The website and content are for your personal use only. Any further distribution is prohibited.

Q: I'm a teacher and I'd like to use some of your material for my students.

A: Just send us an email explaining what you would like to use and for what purpose. We'll respond ASAP. We love hearing from teachers anyway. Let us know what you think.

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