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Barron's Booknotes-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Table of Contents




_____ 1. What is one of the major themes of Pride and Prejudice?

A. Women's rights
B. Making a good marriage
C. Middle-class morality
D.Aristocratic manners

_____ 2. What is an entail?

A. The consequences of a decision
B. The award of the fox's tail to the leader of the hunt
C. The limitation of an inheritance to a specific line of heirs
D.An illegal claim to an estate

_____ 3. What attracts Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet?

A. Her fortune
B. Her beauty
C. Her social connections
D.Her lively mind

_____ 4. What argument by Darcy discourages Bingley from courting Jane Bennet?

A. Jane's apparent indifference to Bingley
B. Mrs. Bennet's indiscretions
C. The Bennet family's inferior social connections
D.The young Bennet girls' pursuit of the officers

_____ 5. Why does Charlotte Lucas marry Mr. Collins?

A. She loves him
B. She is socially ambitious
C. She is unhappy at home
D.She wants security

_____ 6. Elizabeth criticizes her father as a husband because he

A. gambles
B. makes fun of his wife
C. is never at home

_____ 7. Darcy's manner changes from haughty coldness to courtesy and warmth to

A. impress Caroline Bingley
B. be accepted in society
C. win Elizabeth's good opinion
D.please Lady Catherine

8. Charlotte Bronte said that Jane Austen explored everything about her characters except their hearts. What did she mean? Do you agree?

9. Is Charlotte Lucas right to marry Mr. Collins?

10. Good manners are of great importance in Pride and Prejudice. Do you think this emphasis is justified?

11. Privilege and responsibility are linked in Pride and Prejudice. What do you think of this linkage? Does it still exist in our own times?

12. Judging by the marriages described in Pride and Prejudice, what do you think was Jane Austen's opinion of marriage? Did she see it as a source of happiness? Unhappiness? Was it a blessing, or a necessary evil?

Table of Contents

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Barron's Booknotes-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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