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Barron's Booknotes-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Table of Contents


_____ 1. Wickham elopes with Lydia Bennet

A. because he loves her
B. to have a woman companion
C. for her fortune make trouble for Darcy

_____ 2. When Mrs. Bennet learns of Lydia's elopement, she is most worried about Lydia's

A. safety
B. health
C. reputation clothes

_____ 3. Mr. Bennet says he likes Wickham best of his three sons-in-law because Wickham is

A. rich
B. handsome
C. famous
D.a scoundrel

_____ 4. Mr. Collins warns Mr. Bennet against letting Elizabeth marry Darcy because

A. Darcy is untrustworthy
B. Lady Catherine objects
C. Elizabeth has no fortune
D.Darcy does not love her

_____ 5. Jane and Bingley will make a happy marriage because they

A. both like to dance
B. are both given to quarreling
C. have identical dispositions
D.are both good-looking

_____ 6. A critic points out that Elizabeth and Darcy must "work their way" to love and marriage. Why?

A. They hardly know each other
B. They know each other too well
C. They come from different classes of society
D.They both have independent minds and partly mistaken opinions

_____ 7. Darcy says that Lady Catherine was responsible for his second and successful proposal of marriage to Elizabeth. How?

A. By telling him what Elizabeth said, she gave him hope
B. She gave her approval
C. She praised Elizabeth
D.She recommended the Bennet family

8. Jane Austen is noted for her treatment of relationships. Discuss her handling of relationships in Pride and Prejudice.

9. Pride is the first word in Jane Austen's title. What is her concept of this trait?

10. Like Darcy's pride, Elizabeth's prejudice undergoes a sequence of change. Trace the progress of this change.

11. Pride and Prejudice has been successfully adapted to the theater, motion pictures, and television. What is the quality of Jane Austen's skill that has made these dramatic adaptations so successful?

12. Some readers interpret Pride and Prejudice as a feminist novel. Can you make an argument for this interpretation?

Table of Contents

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Barron's Booknotes-Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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