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11. Evaluate the nature of the language Machiavelli uses in the dedication to The Prince to persuade Lorenzo de' Medici to look favorably upon the book. Is the praise given Lorenzo moderate or excessive? Is Machiavelli appealing to Lorenzo's sense of pride, or is he uncharacteristically humbling himself to Lorenzo? Comment on those critical interpretations that say Machiavelli is subtly trying to court Lorenzo's favor in exchange for a government appointment or pardon from banishment. It would be helpful to compare the opening dedication with the concluding Chapter 26. What similarities in style do you notice? Are the poetic images at all similar?

12. Summarize the general characteristics associated with each type of principality described by Machiavelli. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then support your interpretation with specific examples that help to distinguish each type of principality. Discuss the role that power plays in maintaining each principality, especially as Machiavelli describes it in Chapters 5 and 7. What are some of the difficulties a prince may expect to encounter in each type of principality?

13. Discuss the mental and physical traits associated with the successful prince. Using Chapter 7 as a basis for your introduction to the topic, include supporting examples of princes that Machiavelli offers as models for the prince, especially Cesare Borgia. Discuss the image of the fox and the lion in helping the prince achieve his objectives. Point out modern parallels of aspiring leaders who appear to be following the blueprint drawn up by Machiavelli in The Prince.

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