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MonkeyNotes-Henry VI, Part 1 by William Shakespeare

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He belongs to the red-rose faction. He is a loyal servant of

Charles, Dauphin

The Dauphin or prince-reagent of France. He is the head of the
French nobility and afterwards becomes the King of France.


The Duke of Anjou and Titular King of Naples. He agrees to
the marriage between his daughter and Henry V on the
condition that Maine and Anjou be restored to the French.

Duke of Burgundy

A Frenchman, who supports the English in their war against
France. Later on Joan persuades him to switch his loyalty from
the English foreigners to his French countrymen.

Duke of Alencon

A French nobleman and a staunch supporter of the Dauphin.

Bastard of Orleans

The Count of Duneis. He is the illegitimate brother of Duke of
Orleans. He is a supporter of the Dauphin.

Governor of Paris

An English official stationed in France and is present at the
coronation of Henry VI in Paris.

General of the French forces in Bordeaux

The protector of Bordeaux. He informs Talbot that the city is
fortified against English attack.

A French Sergeant

He is in charge of the night watch of Orleans after the French
have captured it.

An old Shepherd

The father of Joan of Arc. He comes grieving to bid good-bye
to his daughter who is to be burnt at the stake. Repulsed by her,
he leaves cursing her.


Reignier’s daughter. She is made prisoner by Suffolk and
afterwards released. She consents to marry King Henry VI of
England and become his Queen.

Countess of Auvergne

A French noblewoman who plots to capture Talbot by deceit.
She fails in her attempt but is truly impressed by the English

Table of Contents
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MonkeyNotes-Henry VI, Part 1 by William Shakespeare

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