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The action passes in Helmerís house (a flat) in Christiania.
A room, comfortably and tastefully, but not expensively, furnished. In the back, on the
right, a door leads to the hall; on the left another door leads to HELMERís study.
Between the two doors a pianoforte. In the middle of the left wall a door, and nearer
the front a window. Near the window a round table with armchairs and a small sofa. In
the right wall, somewhat to the back, a door, and against the same wall, further
forward, a porcelain stove; in front of it a couple of arm-chairs and a rocking-chair.
Between the stove and the side-door a small table. Engravings on the walls. A what-not
with china and bric-a-brac. A small bookcase filled with handsomely bound books.
Carpet. A fire in the stove. It is a winter day. A bell rings in the hall outside. Presently
the outer door of the flat is heard to open.

Then NORA enters, humming gaily. She is in outdoor dress, and carries several
parcels, which she lays on the right-hand table. She leaves the door into the hall open,
and a PORTER is seen outside, carrying a Christmas-tree and a basket, which he gives
to the MAID-SERVANT who has opened the door.

NORA Hide the Christmas-tree carefully, Ellen; the children must on no account see it
before this evening, when itís lighted up.

[To the PORTER, taking out her purse.]
How much? PORTER Fifty ore.7 NORA There is a crown. No, keep the change.
[The PORTER thanks her and goes. NORA shuts the door. She continues smiling in
quiet glee as she takes off her outdoor things. Taking from her pocket a bag of
macaroons, she eats one or two. Then she goes on tip-toe to her husbandís door and

NORA Yes; he is at home.
[She begins humming again, crossing to the table on the right].
HELMER[In his room.] Is that my lark twittering there?

7 About sixpence. There are 100 ore in a krone or crown, which is worth thirteenpence

NORA[Busy opening some of her parcels.] Yes, it is.
HELMER Is it the squirrel frisking around? NORA Yes!
HELMER When did the squirrel get home? NORA Just this minute.
[Hides the bag of macaroons in her pocket and wipes her mouth.]
Come here, Torvald, and see what Iíve been buying.

HELMER Donít interrupt me.
[A little later he opens the door and looks in, pen in hand.]
Buying, did you say? What! All that? Has my little spendthrift been making the money
fly again?

NORA Why, Torvald, surely we can afford to launch out a little now. Itís the first
Christmas we havenít had to pinch.

HELMER Come come; we canít afford to squander money.
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