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NORA Oh yes, Torvald, do let us squander a little, now-just the least little bit! You
know youíll soon be earning heaps of money.

HELMER Yes, from New Yearís Day. But thereís a whole quarter before my first salary
is due.

NORA Never mind; we can borrow in the meantime.

[He goes up to her and takes her playfully by the ear.]
Still my little featherbrain! Supposing I borrowed a thousand crowns to-day, and you
made ducks and drakes of them during Christmas week, and then on New Yearís Eve a
tile blew off the roof and knocked my brains outNORA [Laying her hand on his
mouth.] Hush! How can you talk so horridly? HELMER But supposing it were to
happen-what then? NORA If anything so dreadful happened, it would be all the same
to me whether I was in debt or not.

HELMER But what about the creditors? NORA They! Who cares for them? Theyíre
only strangers.

HELMER Nora, Nora! What a woman you are! But seriously, Nora, you know my
principles on these points. No debts! No borrowing!

Home life ceases to be free and beautiful as soon as it is founded
on borrowing and debt. We two have held out bravely till now, and we are not going to
give in at the last.

NORA [Going to the fireplace.] Very well-as you please, Torvald.
HELMER [Following her.] Come come; my little lark mustnít droop her wings like that.
What? Is my squirrel in the sulks?

[Takes out his purse.]
Nora, what do you think I have here? NORA [Turning round quickly.] Money!

[Gives her some notes.]

Of course I know all sorts of things are wanted at Christmas.
NORA [Counting.] Ten, twenty, thirty, forty. Oh, thank you, thank
you, Torvald! This will go a long way.

HELMER I should hope so.
NORA Yes, indeed; a long way! But come here, and let me show you all Iíve been
buying. And so cheap! Look, hereís a new suit for Ivar, and a little sword. Here are a
horse and a trumpet for Bob. And here are a doll and a cradle for Emmy. Theyíre only
common; but theyíre good enough for her to pull to pieces. And dress-stuffs and
kerchiefs for the servants. I ought to have got something better for old Anna.
HELMER And whatís in that other parcel? NORA [Crying out.] No, Torvald, youíre not
to see that until this evening.

HELMER Oh! Ah! But now tell me, you little spendthrift, have you thought of anything
for yourself? NORA For myself! Oh, I donít want anything.

HELMER Nonsense! Just tell me something sensible you would like to have.
NORA No, really I donít know of anything-Well, listen, TorvaldHELMER Well?
[Playing with his coat-buttons, without looking him in the face.]
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