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day. Iíve ordered some capital wine. Nora, you canít think how I look forward to this

NORA And I too. How the children will enjoy themselves, Torvald!
HELMER Ah, itís glorious to feel that one has an assured position and ample means.
Isnít it delightful to think of? NORA Oh, itís wonderful!

HELMER Do you remember last Christmas? For three whole weeks beforehand you
shut yourself up every evening till long past midnight to make flowers for the
Christmas-tree, and all sorts of other marvels that were to have astonished us. I was
never so bored in my life.

NORA I didnít bore myself at all.
HELMER[Smiling.] But it came to little enough in the end, Nora.
NORA Oh, are you going to tease me about that again? How could I help the cat
getting in and pulling it all to pieces? HELMER To be sure you couldnít, my poor little
Nora. You did your best to give us all pleasure, and thatís the main point. But, all the
same, itís a good thing the hard times are over.

NORA Oh, isnít it wonderful? HELMER Now I neednít sit here boring myself all alone;
and you neednít tire your blessed eyes and your delicate little fingersNORA
[Clapping her hands.]

No, I neednít, need I, Torvald? Oh, how wonderful it is to think of?
[Takes his arm.]

And now Iíll tell you how I think we ought to manage, Torvald.
As soon as Christmas is over-
[The hall-door bell rings.]

Oh, thereís a ring!
[Arranging the room.]
Thatís somebody come to call. How tiresome!
HELMER Iím ďnot at homeĒ to callers; remember that.
ELLEN[In the doorway.] A lady to see you, maíam.
NORA Show her in.

ELLEN[To HELMER.] And the doctor has just come, sir.
HELMER Has he gone into my study? ELLEN Yes, sir.
[HELMER goes into his study. ELLEN ushers in MRS. LINDEN, in travelling costume,
and goes out, closing the door.]

MRS. LINDEN[Embarrassed and hesitating.] How do you do, Nora?
NORA[Doubtfully.] How do you do? MRS. LINDEN I see you donít recognise me!
NORA No, I donít think-oh yes!- I believe [Suddenly brightening.] What, Christina! Is
it really you? MRS. LINDEN Yes; really I!

NORA Christina! And to think I didnít know you! But how could I[More softly.]
How changed you are; Christina!

MRS. LINDEN Yes, no doubt. In nine or ten yearsNORA Is it really so long since we
met? Yes, so it is. Oh, the last eight years have been a happy time, I can tell you. And
now you have come to town? All that long journey in mid-winter! How brave of you!
MRS. LINDEN I arrived by this morningís steamer.

NORA To have a merry Christmas, of course. Oh, how delightful!
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