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If you really want to give me something, you might, you know-you mightHELMER
Well? Out with it!

NORA [Quickly.] You might give me money, Torvald. Only just what you think you
can spare; then I can buy something with it later on.

HELMER But, Nora-
NORA Oh, please do, dear Torvald, please do! I should hang the money in lovely gilt
paper on the Christmas-tree. Wouldnít that be fun? HELMER What do they call the
birds that are always making the money fly? NORA Yes, I know-spendthrifts, 8 of
course. But please do as I ask you, Torvald. Then I shall have time to think what I want
most. Isnít that very sensible, now? HELMER[Smiling.] Certainly; that is to say, if you
really kept the money I gave you, and really spent it on something for yourself. But it
all goes in housekeeping, and for all manner of useless things, and then I have to pay
up again.

NORA But, Torvald8 ďSpillefugl,Ē literally ďplaybird,Ē means a gambler.
HELMER Can you deny it, Nora dear? [He puts his arm round her.] Itís a sweet little
lark, but it gets through a lot of money. No one would believe how much it costs a man
to keep such a little bird as you.

NORA For shame! How can you say so? Why, I save as much as ever I can.
HELMER[Laughing.] Very true-as much as you can-but thatís precisely nothing.
[Hums and smiles with covert glee.]

Hím! If you only knew, Torvald, what expenses we larks and squirrels have.
HELMER Youíre a strange little being! Just like your father-always on the look-out for
all the money you can lay your hands on; but the moment you have it, it seems to slip
through your fingers; you never know what becomes of it. Well, one must take you as
you are. Itís in the blood. Yes, Nora, that sort of thing is hereditary.

NORA I wish I had inherited many of papaís qualities.
HELMER And I donít wish you anything but just what you are-my own, sweet little
song-bird. But I say-it strikes me you look so-sowhat shall I call it?- so suspicious to-
dayNORA Do I? HELMER You do, indeed. Look me full in the face.

NORA[Looking at him.] Well? HELMER[Threatening with his finger.] Hasnít the little
sweet-tooth been playing pranks to-day? NORA No; how can you think such a thing!
HELMER Didnít she just look in at the confectionerís?

NORA No, Torvald; reallyHELMER Not to sip a little jelly? NORA No; certainly not.
HELMER Hasnít she even nibbled a macaroon or two? NORA No, Torvald, indeed,

HELMER Well, well, well; of course Iím only joking.
NORA [Goes to the table on the right.] I shouldnít think of doing what you disapprove

HELMER No, Iím sure of that; and, besides, youíve given me your word-[Going
towards her.] Well, keep your little Christmas secrets to yourself, Nora darling. The
Christmas-tree will bring them all to light, I daresay.

NORA Have you remembered to invite Doctor Rank? HELMER No. But itís not
necessary; heíll come as a matter of course. Besides, I shall ask him when he looks in to-
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